Why Every Wardrobe Needs a Denim Jacket...or Two, or Three...

If you've been following Marita's for a while or know me at all, you'll be aware of my love for denim jackets. I think it's safe to safe to say it comes to me honestly, passed down from both my Mom and Dad. I actually still have a jacket that was my Dads, and just to show you the longevity of a denim jacket, it could easily be worn today, and be in style.

I always long for the warmer spring days, when I can just throw one on and go, over a dress, a t-shirt, a tank, a blouse, you name it, I'll do it. From light to medium and dark washes, whiskering, fading, distressing, raw hems, rips and frays, embroidery, embellishments, pearls and lace, you'll likely find it in my closet. 

Looking to embrace the denim jacket trend, or thinking of adding a new style to your wardrobe? Maybe you have one in your closet, but you're just not sure how to make it work? Here are a few things to remember when styling your jacket and some ways to try something new.

  • Remember the rule of thirds, you always want your top or bottom half to be 1/3 of your body length. Avoiding appearing shorter by cutting yourself in half. So if you're wearing your jacket over a maxi dress, or skirt, it should be a somewhat cropped jacket, not the classic hip length jacket.
  • It's perfectly acceptable to have your shirt visible below the hemline of your jacket.
  • You don't need to button up your jacket. For the proper fit, it should appear as though you can.  
  • If you're looking for a dressier version, stick with a darker, classic wash. 
  • Mix and match your denim, different washes, hands and even colours can add texture and variety.
  • A cropped legging and a tunic are easy pieces to pair with a denim jacket
  • I love the look of black and denim together, it's an easy wearing style for day, or add a cute wedge heel for a switch to night.

Of course, the most important thing to wear, regardless of the outfit is confidence. Let me know in the comments section, what your favorite way to wear your denim jacket is, or if you have any style questions, we'd be happy to help.

Stay safe, healthy and always fashionable. 

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