Lets Talk Transition!

It's time. Time to start packing away the bulky, heavy, wintery pieces from your winter wardrobe. I know it's still early and we are in fact just entering into 'fools spring'. The season where we really hope we've finally turned the corner but nope, here comes the snow again. Still, this is a great time to start the transition into light fabrics (still soft and cozy!) brighter colours and plenty of layers. 

Look for waffle fabrics, cozy cottons and even tape yarn. They provide coverage but have that spring feel that we all love so much. This season at Marita's you'll find great little spring sweaters, 3/4 sleeve tops and little jackets to add to your wardrobe. I like to even break out some of my summer tanks that have deeper coloured prints to throw under a jacket with jeans for an easy look.

This spring features plenty of denim friendly tops as we see the trends shift to a much more casual look and thinking of warmer months we have a great selection of shorts as well.

So don't worry, you can keep the bathing suit packed away just a little longer, unless of course you have a hot tub, then I'm jealous!

Whatever your fashion needs (or wants!) #makeitmaritas


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