• The most important thing to wear, can't be bought in a store.

    If you've ever been to a Marita's show, you'll know that at the end of each show, we remind you that the most important thing you can wear, that flatters you the most, that makes you shine the brightest can't be bought at Marita's, or any other store for that matter. It doesn't have a size, or a colour, or a fit. It can't be borrowed, or stolen, it can only come from you. 
  • Lets Talk Transition!

    It's time. Time to start packing away the bulky, heavy, wintery pieces from your winter wardrobe. I know it's still early and we are in fact just e...
  • Why Every Wardrobe Needs a Denim Jacket...or Two, or Three...

    If you've been following Marita's for a while or know me at all, you'll be aware of my love for denim jackets. I think it's safe to safe to say it comes to me honestly, passed down from both my Mom and Dad. I actually still have a jacket that was my Dads, and just to show you the longevity of a denim jacket, it could easily be worn today, and be in style.